Sam Shingler is a half-Finnish, half-British singer-songwriter hailing from the vibrant music scene in Helsinki. During his long career Sam has written and performed with various bands and projects, such as The Pansies, Husky Rescue, Montevideo, and more recently The Lieblings and Treemer. New Light of Tomorrow, a Husky Rescue song he co-wrote and sang, featured on the soundtrack of The Sopranos, and has clocked up close to 1,2M plays on Spotify.

Following numerous bands, Sam is finally working on his first solo project. The result is an intriguing mix of powerful songwriting, haunting vocals and pop harmonies, and contemporary sound aesthetics. 

His first ever solo single “In It Together” offers a taste of what’s to come. The song, written more than half a year ago, back in the heart of Finnish winter, suddenly becomes strikingly – if inadvertently – topical in May 2020, as the world is coming to grips with Covid-19. In the tracks haunted music video, written and directed by Sam himself, we see the solitary artist make his way through the desolated shopping district of his home city to a very special, symbolic meeting.

Photo: Heta Saukkonen